Cedric Till, Erik Jackson, Dana Shanti - Train Of Life ft. Dana Shanti

from by Cedric Till and Erik Jackson

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[Verse 1 - Cedric Till]
Most days there's just too much to say
And yet not enough reasons to speak, you know that gaze
When ten years back seems like another life
And you can't even remember what you looked like

Feels like you've been here forever
All you recall are the remnants of pain and pleasure
The revolving door of friendship
Or whatever passes for that, these days, ephemeral phases

A general malaise sets in
When people once tight with you ain't checking in
Lives become too parallel to ever meet
A sour note at the end of the melody

Resentments, indifference and c'est la vies
Sharing pics of vacations or enough kicks to outfit a centipede
Thinking they stay in touch with a press of a button
Another name under a testament of what?

[Hook - Dana Shanti]
Tracks of time, always stand still
Train of life, it's moving
Driven by, a kind of force
Forward to, places we don't know...

[Verse 2 - Cedric Till]
Promises unkept, perhaps meant sincerely
In the moments that we uttered them, in theory
And practice, it's all so human
Regrets of a scarred soul, trying to rise from the charcoal

Of burning hearts we've all known, and left behind
In the solitude of sorrow, we were blinded
By our own egos in misalignment
As we grow into refinement, with time spent

Fighting entropy, or adding on to it
Feeling centered, at peace; or in a storm, ruined
In a manner we speak how we respond to it
Either as a catalyst or a conduit

Questions are the soil for growth, and yet
They can't provide the closure that we require
The answers teach us in a way we don't expect
And I know, necessity is not a neighbor to desire...

[Verse 3 - Cedric Till]
No guarantees that your actions are met with gratitude
Here we go again, dusting off platitudes
Sarcasm put aside, this is what I'm asking you
Which cycle is vicious and which is merely natural?

Everything I gave, I don't want it back
You can bet it's hard enough to forfeit all your regrets
Memories held in honor that I wanna forget
Pain is pointless if there is not a lesson to be learned left

Guess the sparks we hold onto just gonna fade
So when I meet new people, I play the tsundere
It ain't about who's gonna pay, more about
The residue of doubt, can't deal, so we do without

Keep taking, no commitment wanted nor needed
No reason not to be a hedonist, either, I guess
Sign of the times, evolve or starve
Or, just die as a cynic tomorrow, while everybody just...


from The Learning Curve, released April 6, 2018


all rights reserved



Erik Jackson Orlando, Florida

Erik Jackson is one of the few artists to be embraced by the global hip-hop world. Releasing material through Nuages Records and a slew of other global labels, Erik’s heady brand of experimental, (largely) instrumental hip-hop/jazz/DnB has been praised by everyone from hardcore underground hip-hop heads, Drum and Bass purists to traditional jazz fans around the globe. ... more

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